Sensor Product Engineer / Senior Engineer

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Date Posted: 
July 14, 2020
Sunnyvale, CA, US
Position Summary: 

NextNav is launching a groundbreaking location service for smartphones, IOT, and other devices – an ability to determine floor level altitude service across the country – a capability that does not exist at scale anywhere today! No longer constrained by legacy “flat earth” technologies, applications and users will be able to determine floor-level altitude, which is essential for navigation, user context and relevancy and many other applications that are used indoors. NextNav’s is the highest precision Z-Axis solution proven in the marketplace today and a person joining this team will have the ability to define the space. This position will consist of defining the guidelines for OEMs and developers to test the quality and reliability of sensors to be used as part of the NextNav Z-axis solution. This position involves validating vendor specifications with performance data, developing metrics to measure stability, and interacting with sensor manufacturers regarding their product line.

Essential Functions: 

Responsibilities · Work with systems engineering team to define guidelines and specifications for sensor manufacturers and OEMs to achieve high accuracy Z-solution. · Work closely and provide feedback with OEMs and sensor manufacturers to ensure quality metrics are being met. · Process and analyze sensor data on a variety of platforms, including IOT devices, smartphones, evaluation kits, etc. · Develop algorithms to improve accuracy of altitude system. · Develop strong domain expertise with current and next-generation sensor product lines and their performances under a wide range of conditions.

Education, Experience, Skills and Attributes: 

Required: · Bachelor's degree with 2-3 years’ experience, or Master's/PhD in engineering disciplines such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or sciences such as mathematics, statistics, computer science, physics, or another closely related field. · Hands-on experience in a lab/field environment with data collection. · Proficiency in one or more of the following languages: Python, R, MatLab, SQL, etc. · Strong analytical skills, with a solid foundation in statistics and data processing, including data reduction, regression, automation, and visualization. · Ability to work independently and collaboratively across multiple departments, including hardware and software. · Strong written and oral communication skills, with the ability to communicate clearly and effectively across teams. Preferred: · Strong scientific coding skills, including expertise in one or more of the following: Python, R, MatLab, SQL, etc. Expertise with object-oriented languages such as Java or C++ a bonus. Some experience in previous product engineering role, with track record of proven results. Familiarity with technology standards such as 3GPP and scientific standards bodies such as NIST. · Experience with ceramic and MEMS-based sensors, including interfacing, conditioning, calibration, and data collection. · Ability to collaborate with and support external customers/partners. Physical Demands · Long periods of sitting. Work Environment · Office environment, some minor travel to visit business customers/partners.


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