Staff Engineer, Systems Algorithms for Ranging and Trilateration

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Date Posted: 
July 14, 2020
Sunnyvale, CA, US
Position Summary: 

This position is for a Staff / Sr. Staff Systems Engineer working on the development of advanced algorithms for ranging, positioning, and timing using terrestrial radio navigation signals, integration of measurements/position with other positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) systems, algorithm optimization using simulations and analysis of extensive field data, and working with SW/FW teams to have the algorithms implemented, verified and demonstrated on target hardware/software platforms.

Essential Functions: 

· Support R&D activities in the field of terrestrial radio navigation including for ranging, positioning, and timing · Develop and improve algorithms for the estimation of the time of arrival (ranging) and/or Doppler/carrier phase of terrestrial radio navigation signals. · Develop quality metrics for these measurements from terrestrial radio navigation signals to allow integration with other PNT systems · Analyze field data (indoor/outdoor, static/dynamic, pedestrian/automotive/drone) and optimize algorithms accordingly for performance · Architect implementation of optimized algorithms in C/C++ for target hardware platforms · Support design, implementation and testing of various algorithms in a terrestrial PNT receiver · Support field tests and customer demos, work with partners

Education, Experience, Skills and Attributes: 

Required: · MS or PhD (preferred) in EE/ECE with emphasis in Signal Processing/Communications. · 5+ years of experience in design and implementation of advanced signal processing algorithms. · Solid foundation in probability, statistics and random processes · Solid foundations in Signal processing for estimation & detection, Bayesian optimization functions · Good practical understanding of wireless propagation channel · Understanding and optimization of algorithm implementation complexity for target hardware platforms · Proficient with Matlab. Knowledge of C/C++ programming concepts · Strong analytical and problem-solving ability · Ability to work independently and within a team on challenging technical problems across multiple teams. Preferred: · Experience with advanced Spectral estimation techniques, including Eigen decomposition-based methods · Experience with GNSS performance including pseudo-range, Doppler, carrier phase measurements, position and their quality · Programming experience in C/C++ for implementation of algorithms · Some experience with hybrid positioning systems that integrate positioning system measurements with other information such as from IMU sensors, indoor/outdoor maps · Some experience with analyzing clock quality including frequency stability, phase noise, time stability, jitter · Some experience with GNSS timing receivers · Some experience and comfort working hands-on with HW, SW and lab test equipment


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