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February 20, 2018
Press Release

Rohde & Schwarz collaborates with NextNav to provide an OTA test solution for MBS-enabled devices

Use of existing satellite and cellular based positioning techniques (A-GNSS, OTDOA, etc.) can be problematic in dense urban areas and almost impossible indoors. For applications like E911 and other mission critical public safety communications, NextNav has developed the Metropolitan Beacon System (MBS) technology based on a dedicated terrestrial positioning network to augment current solutions and enable accurate and secure location of mobile devices.

Columbia, MD, February 20, 2018 — Rohde & Schwarz, a leading supplier of test and measurement equipment, has collaborated with NextNav to enable the next generation of location determination capabilities in mobile devices. Rohde & Schwarz and NextNav have successfully developed and verified MBS OTA antenna performance tests. This completes a critical step towards the availability of an MBS certification test solution. This MBS technology is expected to become part of the CTIA OTA test plan during 2018.

NextNav has leveraged Rohde & Schwarz’s comprehensive location based services (LBS) and over-the-air (OTA) test solutions to provide a test bed for early standardization, performance evaluation and repeatability of MBS tests for consumer mass market devices. Rohde & Schwarz’s test platforms support NextNav’s terrestrial positioning network and technology to ensure accurate location service, with carrier-grade reliability, into buildings and urban areas where satellite-based GPS signals cannot reach.

“This partnership ensures availability of the MBS technology as part of the Rohde & Schwarz test platform and marks an important and exciting next step in making MBS mass market capable for mobile devices,” said Tom Wrappe, Vice President Ecosystem Development, NextNav. 

“Our advanced LBS and OTA test systems support the new MBS technology and all other existing relevant wireless technologies including LTE, WLAN, Bluetooth, WCDMA, GSM, CDMA, GPS, GALILEO and more. Our collaboration with NextNav demonstrates Rohde & Schwarz’s commitment to offering test solutions that enable next-generation technologies,” said Alexander Pabst, Vice President Systems and Projects, Rohde & Schwarz.

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NextNav LLC

NextNav’s revolutionary Metropolitan Beacon System (MBS)-based services enable mobile phones and other devices to reliably determine their location and timing in indoor and urban environments where GPS signals cannot be received.  NextNav’s 3D location services include accurate horizontal positioning, floor-level altitude precision, and powerful context and visualization applications.  Delivered over a managed network on licensed spectrum, with carrier-grade dependability and metropolitan-wide coverage, NextNav’s services are designed for public safety, E911, critical infrastructure and emergency response as well as the multitude of consumer and commercial applications that require reliable indoor 3D location or precision timing.

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