Staff or Senior Systems Engineer - Signal Processing

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Date Posted: 
February 12, 2020
Sunnyvale, CA, US
Position Summary: 

NextNav is launching a groundbreaking location service for smartphones, IOT, and other devices – an ability to determine floor level altitude service across the country – a capability that does not exist at scale anywhere today! No longer constrained by legacy “flat earth” technologies, applications and users will be able to determine floor-level altitude, which is essential for navigation, user context, and relevancy and many other applications that are used indoors. NextNav’s is the highest precision Z-Axis solution proven in the marketplace today and a person joining this team will have the ability to define the space. 

This position is for a Staff/Senior Systems Engineer working on the development of advanced algorithms for optimal time of arrival determination of terrestrial radionavigation signals, algorithm optimization using simulations and extensive field data, and working with SW/FW teams to have the algorithms implemented and verified on target hardware platforms.

Help make the world 3D!

• Develop and improve algorithms for the estimation of the time of arrival (ranging) and/or Doppler of terrestrial radionavigation signals.
• Analyze field data (indoor/outdoor, static/dynamic, pedestrian/automotive/drone) and optimize algorithms accordingly for performance
• Analyze and optimize implementation complexity of algorithms on target hardware platforms

Desired Skills & Experience 

• MS or PhD (preferred) in EE/ECE with emphasis in Signal Processing/Communications.
• 3+ years of experience in design and implementation of advanced signal processing algorithms.
• Solid foundations in Signal processing for estimation & detection, Bayesian optimization functions
• Experience with advanced Spectral estimation techniques, including Eigen decomposition-based methods
• Strong math background and expertise with respect to abovementioned skills is a must
• Good practical understanding of wireless propagation channel
• Understanding and optimization of algorithm implementation complexity for target hardware platforms
• Proficient with Matlab. Knowledge of C/C++ is a plus.
• Ability to work independently and within a team on challenging technical problems across multiple teams. 


Physical Demands:

• Long periods of sitting
• Long periods of standing

Work Environment

• Office environment 

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