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Powering the economy with reliable, secure, resilient PNT

the reach of PNT services

Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) data powers critical infrastructure systems in telecommunications, energy, financial services, and many other industries. That same PNT data is also necessary for innovative systems like autonomous vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), and essential services for first responders and Enhanced 911 (E911).

TerraPoiNT is a terrestrial network designed by NextNav to complement GPS and extend the operational reach of resilient, secure, reliable PNT services.

Location accuracy is
more critical than ever

  • $1.4T


    The value of PNT services to the economy since first being introduced

  • 100 ns

    100 ns

    Accuracy requirement for synchronization of timing on power grids

  • $1B


    $1 billion loss of economic activity per day when GPS is down

TerraPoiNT provides resilient, reliable PNT across industries

Ensure uninterrupted operation of critical infrastructure and autonomous systems, even if GPS services are disrupted

PNT Cybersecurity

PNT Cybersecurity

The risks to modern GPS / PNT systems and the fact that these systems are increasingly software driven has led to security concerns becoming ever-more closely tied with cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats. TerraPoiNT’s terrestrial signals are over 100,000x stronger than GPS and can also provide authentication for cybersecurity risk mitigation.

Telecom PNT Resilience

Telecom PNT Resilience

Telecommunications infrastructure depends on reliable PNT services to synchronize networks, improve capacity, and provide vital services to public safety and 911. TerraPoiNT adds a layer of resilience to GPS, ensuring uninterrupted service.

Timing Synchronization

Timing Synchronization

Synchronizing the electrical grid requires precise timing and phases to ensure uninterrupted, resilient service. TerraPoiNT ensures precise timing at the nanosecond level.

PNT for autonomous systems

PNT for autonomous systems

TerraPoiNT penetrates indoors and in urban locations where GPS signals are unavailable or degraded. This allows TerraPoiNT to meet the timing needs of complex data centers without the need for installation of additional cabling.

Security for urban automation

Security for urban automation

Autonomous vehicles and drones rely on seamless, highly available PNT for 3D positioning and navigation. TerraPoiNT provides a resilient and secure layer for PNT services which covers entire metropolitan areas.

Indoor inventory management

Indoor inventory management

Automated asset tracking systems allow warehouse managers to efficiently manage inventory at scale with IoT devices. TerraPoiNT powers inventory management operations with precise 3D geolocation data available indoors.

Enhancing safety applications

Enhancing safety applications

Industrial safety often requires detailed tracking of “lone workers” in multiple dimensions and indoor locations. TerraPoiNT extends the reach of location-based applications without the need for investment in site-specific infrastructure.

NextNav TerraPoiNT features

The signal strength of TerraPoiNT’s terrestrial beacons is 100,000 times stronger than GPS, allowing it to operate indoors and in urban environments where GPS signals are degraded or unavailable.

TerraPoiNT uses dedicated spectrum to transmit positioning and timing data in standard GNSS formats, allowing devices equipped with NextNav technology to seamlessly switch between PNT providers.

TerraPoiNT uses encrypted signals which are resistant to the jamming and spoofing attacks which leave GPS vulnerable to disruption and data manipulation.

3D geolocation data (x/y/z)

Unparalleled accuracy in three dimensions serves a new generation of positioning and navigation applications

Nanosecond timing

Fused timing from atomic clocks and other sources to deliver a reliable, accurate, resilient timing source

Rapid time to first fix

By virtue of its terrestrial infrastructure, TerraPoiNT has a very strong signal that can be acquired swiftly – this rapid “first fix” typically provides a position in about two seconds

Metro-wide coverage

Encrypted signals provide greater security against spoofing, and signal strength 100,000x stronger than GPS resists jamming

Broadcast network

Enables low latency applications and delivers unlimited capacity

Lightweight infrastructure

NextNav’s low-frequency, licensed spectrum requires a relatively modest number of transmitters, lowering the overall solution cost and minimizing infrastructure clutter

Integrated into global standards

TerraPoiNT adheres to the 3GPP framework for terrestrial Metropolitan Beacon Systems

Customers using
TerraPoiNT to enhance
critical infrastructure

  • NASA
  • Department of Transportation
  • Homeland Security

New EU Report Stresses Importance of GNSS Alternatives for PNT – NextNav TerraPoiNT Exceeds Industry Standards Across Use Cases

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