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NextNav TerraPoiNT

GPS powers the global economy, and a GPS outage would cost the United States alone an estimated $1 billion per day. NextNav TerraPoiNT is a resilient Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) system which supplements and enhances existing Global Positioning System (GPS) capabilities. Using a dedicated, terrestrial network of transmitters, NextNav delivers critical PNT services where GPS can’t—indoors and outdoors, and in urban areas, too. NextNav TerraPoiNT is secure, offering fully encrypted signals resistant to GPS spoofing and jamming. In a study published in 2021 by the Department of Transportation on resilient PNT solutions, NextNav TerraPoiNT was named the best performing solution across all evaluated measures.


How TerraPoiNT works

TerraPoiNT is a system for assured position, navigation, and timing which uses terrestrial transmitters deployed around a service area to trilaterate against the location of a device. Unlike national space-based systems, the proximity of NextNav’s transmitters makes the signal strength 100,000 times that of GPS.

How TerraPoiNT works

TerraPoiNT features

NextNav offers TerraPoiNT as a comprehensive solution for assured PNT (APNT) which augments existing Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technologies. The position, navigation, and timing elements of TerraPoiNT are also offered individually. NextNav offers critical infrastructure owners 3D positioning (x/y/z axis) and Timing as a Service℠ even in GPS-denied environments.


The TerraPoiNT network uses long-range, low-cost broadcast beacons to transmit ranging signals using NextNav’s 920-928MHz near-nationwide licensed spectrum in the U.S., but is frequency flexible, and is protected by several patents.

  • NextNav’s waveform is compatible with waveforms used in GPS receivers
  • Initial deployment in 72 top U.S. markets
  • Customizable placement options for added resilience in critical areas
  • Similar to GPS, TerraPoiNT is an overlay network and can provide PNT information independent of the communication network
  • Each transmitter has its own atomic clock for precise time which can operate independent of GPS
  • NextNav’s network is managed by a dedicated Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • NextNav’s network can provide GPS interference detection


Receivers for the TerraPoiNT system use a standalone GPS/GNSS chipset and integrated mobile chipset based on LTE/5G

High Performance

NextNav’s transmitters are 50% more energy efficient than GPS, and a low fix time comparable to GPS


TerraPoiNT adds a layer of resilience and security to PNT data by delivering reliable signals, and can support signal authentication (e.g., through encryption). Further, NextNav’s network can be used to monitor GPS interference, including GPS jamming detection.


TerraPoiNT technology is licensed to multiple integrated circuit manufacturers such as Broadcom and GCT Semiconductor. Both companies integrate TerraPoiNT with commercial ICs for both location and timing applications.


In extensive independent testing by the US Government and multiple tier 1 operators, TerraPoiNT demonstrated “best in class” system capabilities.

  • European Union’s Joint Research Centre (JRC)  trials of Alternative Position, Navigation and Timing (A-PNT) technologies(2021, 2022)
  • DOT and DHS testing of GPS backup technologies (2020, 2020)
  • CTIA/ATIS tests of vertical and horizontal performance (2016, 2018)
  • NASA is using the TerraPoiNT service for understanding urban drone operations
  • DHS testing in a GPS denied environment (2021)


TerraPoiNT supports a wide variety of industry standards, including:

  • 3rd Generation Partnership Projection organization (3GPP) Release 13 and beyond
  • Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), including the Secure User-Plane Location protocol (SUPL) and the Mobile Location Protocol (MLP)

Timing as a ServiceSM

NextNav’s Timing as a ServiceSM – also called TaaS – provides resilient timing for indoor and urban locations where GPS signals are often weak or unavailable

TerraPoiNT in the Field

  • Adds a layer of resilient PNT capabilities for telecom providers, power utility companies and other critical infrastructure industries
  • Delivers the accurate, highly available, secure PNT autonomous vehicles such as driverless cars and drones need to operate in urban areas
  • Expands asset tracking capabilities to new markets with location capabilities indoors and in urban areas

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