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Improve emergency response times and exceed FCC requirements for precise vertical location with accurate altitude data

A proven vertical location solution with floor-level accuracy for Enhanced 911

Starting June 2022, the FCC now requires wireless carriers to provide accurate, “floor level” z-axis data for E911 calls. This vertical position information will save lives through faster, more accurate dispatch of first responders in multistory structures.

NextNav’s Pinnacle service exceeds FCC E911 regulations for accuracy and reliability, pinpointing “floor level” vertical location (within three meters) 94% of the time in blind, independent third-party testing performed by CTIA.

NextNav’s Pinnacle is proven to meet the FCC’s reliability and accuracy standards for vertical positioning, and has recently been selected by one of the nation’s wireless top wireless carriers to provide z-axis for E911 callers.

Faster response
times save lives

  • 240M


    Over 240 million 911 calls are placed every year in the United States

  • 80%


    More than 80% of 911 callers are on cell phones

Nationwide deployment

Nationwide deployment

NextNav is making its vertical location service available to first responders and E911 services across the nation.

  • NextNav operates a dedicated vertical positioning network to cover entire metropolitan areas. Our service is now available in the top 105 major US markets – that’s over 4,400 cities and over 90% of buildings above three stories.
  • We’re also incorporating vertical location capabilities into the devices used by first responders in the field, making it easier than ever for them to locate and assist people in need quickly.
  • NextNav’s vertical location technology works with the hardware currently used in most mobile phones and tablets. A simple software upgrade will make this new capability widely available.
  • We’ve entered into an agreement with one of the nation’s top wireless carriers to bring vertical location to E911. Read more.
  • We have partnered with Qualcomm to help carriers and device manufacturers easily integrate floor-level accuracy into carrier infrastructure. Read more. 

Location is number one. We can’t do anything if we don’t get a location. Once we have location, we can do anything else in the world with that call—find out what’s going on, who’s involved, what hazards are there, give them instructions to help themselves before we arrive. But getting that location is just paramount.

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