Public Safety

Altitude data takes first responder safety and
situational awareness to new heights

Locate first
responders with floor-level

EMS responding to victims in a parking garage.
Law enforcement responding to an active shooter in a high rise.
Firefighters in a smoke-filled building.

When every second counts, precision matters.  NextNav’s Pinnacle solution for vertical positioning provides highly accurate first responder and blue force tracking for a new level of situational awareness. Pinnacle’s reliable, accurate floor-level location data helps incident commanders keep first responders safe and improve operational response.

Faster response
times save lives

  • 70%


    70% of first responders report that the maps and navigation databases they use have missing or inaccurate information

  • 80%


    More than 80% of 911 callers are on cell phones

Vertical position data delivers 3D situational awareness for incident commanders

First responders often work in indoor or multi-story locations where GPS location is unavailable or inaccurate. Incident commanders who rely on GPS tracking devices to monitor first responders can find themselves “going in blind” in dangerous, complex situations.

Voice communications and “man down” detection systems are insufficient for real-time situational awareness.  Incident commanders need to understand the physical context of the scene through visualizations that are instantly digestible and reflect the world around them.

NextNav Pinnacle gets geolocation data from a dedicated network of altitude stations designed for reliable operation in urban environments. By adding altitude information to latitude and longitude coordinates, incident commanders can locate first responders right with floor-level accuracy, allowing more informed, real-time decisions that keep first responders safe even in dangerous or hostile locations.

Orchestrate more effective response strategies

Orchestrate more effective response strategies

The ability to monitor first responders as they move across floors also helps you coordinate actions to:

  • Direct safest avenues of approach
  • Get to victims faster
  • Know where fire hydrants and exit doors are

Locate on-scene responders
in three dimensions

Traditional geolocation services only show movement in two dimensions, making it difficult to understand if first responders are on the same floor or spread throughout the building.

Pinnacle adds z-axis data to your location capabilities so you can visualize the scene in three dimensions and locate first responders with floor-level precision.

Pinnacle features

Vertical location data with +/- 3 meter accuracy

Add altitude awareness to latitude and longitude data for more precise location of people and assets

Network of altitude stations

Precisely surveyed, high density network that delivers “floor level”, real time altitude data nationwide

Network maintained by NextNav

Pinnacle data comes from by a proprietary network built for public safety, operated and maintained by NextNav for high availability

Metro-wide coverage

Consistent vertical location capabilities available throughout large urban markets; no need for building-specific infrastructure

Works with most existing and new devices

Available through a simple software upgrade to devices with barometric pressure sensors

Multiple integration options

Easy-to-use SDK, API, and Unity plug-in options make it easy to integrate 3D geolocation technology into existing applications

Firefighter/field responder

If I get hurt or lost in a big building and say ‘Come help me,’ and they ask ‘Where are you?’ and I respond ‘I have no idea.’ They can’t find me with my current equipment.

Firefighter/field responder
NIST first responders survey

Add vertical location
to your app

NextNav makes it easy for developers to incorporate this powerful new data stream into any mobile application.

NextNav releases vertical positioning SDK on the FirstNet API Catalog

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