Terrestrial 3D PNT

Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Powered
by Spectrum

The future of geolocation

NextNav’s 3D geolocation technologies enable a whole new ecosystem of location-based applications and services through a dedicated, terrestrial network.


GPS started the geolocation revolution by bringing 2D positioning to mobile devices.

3D geolocation

NextNav’s Pinnacle® service adds “floor level” vertical positioning, enabling 3D geolocation at scale

Terrestrial 3D PNT powered by spectrum

NextNav’s position, navigation and timing (PNT) solution powered by spectrum delivers resilient 3D location (x/y/z) as well as timing (t) that works indoors and outdoors, in urban and rural areas.

NextNav adds new dimensions to geolocation services

  • Public safety

    Protect and coordinate first responders in real time.

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  • Enhanced 911

    Save lives by reducing emergency response times.

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  • Critical infrastructure

    Secure essential services with resilient PNT.

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  • Location apps

    Increase brand value with improved user experience and operational efficiency.

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NextNav To Acquire Additional Lower 900 MHz Band Spectrum Licenses

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