NextNav 3D

Real-time 3D visualization integrated with your existing 9-1-1 and CAD solutions

Visually locate 9-1-1 callers or First Responders in 3D

Traditional geolocation services only provide location data in two dimensions. NextNav integrates z-axis data to your geolocation capabilities so telecommunicators and command staff know when 9-1-1 callers or First Responders are on the first floor or the third floor with 3D map display and 3D building wireframe data.

Get Height Above Terrain (HAT) data and Estimated Floor Level (EFL) for the 9-1-1 caller or individual First Responder

Alternatively view the vertical location of the 9-1-1 caller or individual First Responder at the incident on an altimeter overlay

NextNav 3D location visualization

NextNav 3D meets the needs of Public Safety agencies and First Responders by visualizing vertical location of 9-1-1 caller and First Responder locations to enhance situational awareness and personnel accountability.


  • Improve First Responder Response: Visualization of 3D location when trying to locate 9-1-1 callers or first responders in need
  • Indoor, Multi-Story Situational Awareness: Provides indoor, multi-story structure situational awareness with 3D map display and 3D building wireframe data
  • Integrates with Existing Applications: Available as an enhancement with most existing CAD and mobile applications for easy access and reduced desktop footprint
  • Budget Friendly: Lower costs as a service versus the capital investment to purchase, create, and/or maintain a 3D GIS data set

NextNav 3D Features

NextNav 3D is an SDK offered to enable visualization of 9-1-1 caller or First Responder location within 3D building wireframes. The SDK is tailored for web applications but can be used in mobile applications as well.

Icon to Launch 3D viewer

The SDK installs an icon on the right-hand side of the host 2D map to launch NextNav 3D

3D viewer / 3D building overlay

Opens a new browser tab with the 3D viewer centered on the same location and at same zoom level as the 2D map from which the viewer was launched at a 45-degree angle. By default, the wireframe building view will be visible for 9-1-1 caller and First Responders location

Building toggle

Allows the user to toggle on/off the buildings surrounding the incident site

Translucent Building View

When clicking on (selecting) any building within NextNav 3D, the building transforms to a translucent building wireframe, and height level indicators for the building are viewable. More than one building can be selected and viewed as a translucent building wireframe. Clicking on a building that is translucent will then return the building to a solid view again

Rotate and Tilt Control

The default view when launched is a 45-degree angled view of the incident area, but can be tilted to a another viewing angle. The user also has the ability to rotate the view of the incident area

Altimeter Overlay

An altimeter view may be overlayed on the NextNav 3D view. The altimeter shows object heights, and the object icon(s) displayed mirroring the icons of the object(s) in the 3D map display

Tool Tips for Height Above Terrain (HAT) and Estimated Floor Level (EFL)

When hovering the pointer over any of the user icons, the Tool Tip displays the individual User ID, Height Above Terrain (HAT) data, and Estimated Floor Level (EFL) for the 9-1-1 caller or individual First Responders

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