Vertical positioning for location apps

Improve user experience and increase brand value
with floor-level geolocation

Accurate location awareness helps app developers maximize lifetime value

For app developers that rely on geolocation services, inaccurate or spoofed location data can be costly. Now, developers can deliver highly accurate, floor-level location data even in previously inaccessible areas such as multistory buildings, shopping centers, and complex streetscapes.

The benefit of enhanced geolocation capabilities is clear: improved user experience, which leads to better brand recognition, better customer retention, lower user acquisition costs, and increased lifetime value (LTV).

Precision Engineered

Location data users rate data quality as the most important feature, and say accuracy and precision are the best measures of quality.

  • 86%


    86% of location users say location data increases campaign effectiveness, grows customer base

  • 80%


    80% of mobile applications use geolocation

Enhancing the user experience in location-based apps

Whether delivering food, picking someone up at the airport, or developing compelling new games, accurate geolocation data is more important than ever.

Existing location technologies like GPS (when it’s available) and Wi-Fi crowdsourcing provide an unreliable, 2D view of the world. In dense, urban areas this can mean the difference between the ground level and the 10th floor of a skyscraper.

NextNav’s highly accurate Pinnacle helps app developers deliver smart, location-aware experiences in urban markets.

Family locator apps are only as valuable as the geolocation data they provide

Family locator apps are only as valuable as the geolocation data they provide

Dense urban locations and multistory buildings are where comprehensive safety apps matter the most—where scattered family members are hard to locate, and criminal activity may go unnoticed.

Reliable real time location tracking should offer peace of mind in the places you’d want it, like a multi-story shopping center. The family member you think is on the ground floor could actually be three stories up.

Solving the urban gaming challenge

Solving the urban gaming challenge

The best geolocation games create new worlds in familiar locations. Developers depend on precise, accurate geolocation data to create the immersive experiences which keep users coming back for more.

The lack of accurate elevation data flattens highly complex urban environments into overly simplistic 2D maps. With three dimensions of data and entire cities at their disposal, game developers can push the limits of creativity and imagination.

Better geolocation data improves operational efficiency for delivery apps

Better geolocation data improves operational efficiency for delivery apps

When you order food, do you want the delivery person to appear at your door on the 16th floor, or in the lobby?

Delivery apps depend on precise geolocation data to power highly efficient operational models. When delivery personnel spend too much time looking for drop-off points, revenue declines, employee income decreases, and attrition rates increase.

Dense urban areas are the largest market for delivery services. Yet these cities are precisely where current GPS technology falls short.

Improve operational efficiency with Pinnacle.

Financial services firms prevent fraud and increase regulatory compliance with geolocation

Financial services firms prevent fraud and increase regulatory compliance with geolocation

Financial institutions use a variety of data points to verify customer identities and build risk profiles as part of Know Your Customer regulations. Geolocation is emerging as an important strategic component of this data strategy. When layered on top of identity information, geolocation data dramatically decreases the risk associated with financial transactions.

Geolocation data verifies the physical presence of customers at transaction locations (ATMs, POS locations, bank branches). When trying to verify a transaction, the difference between two stories in a shopping center is often significant.

Decrease fraud and protect customers with Pinnacle.

Locate customers with
floor-level accuracy

Traditional geolocation services only provide location data in two dimensions. Pinnacle adds z-axis data to your geolocation capabilities so apps know, with accuracy, when users are on the first floor or the third floor.

Pinnacle features

Z-axis data with +/- 3 meter accuracy

Add altitude awareness to latitude and longitude data for more precise tracking of people and assets

Dedicated altitude network

Precisely surveyed, high density network that delivers “floor level”, real time altitude data nationwide

Network maintained by NextNav

Altitude data provided by a proprietary network built for public safety and operated and maintained by NextNav for high availability

Metro-wide coverage

Consistent z-axis geolocation capabilities available throughout large urban markets; no need for building-specific infrastructure

Works with most existing and new devices

Available through a simple software upgrade to devices with barometric pressure sensors

Simple SDK integration

Easy-to-use SDK makes it easy to integrate 3D geolocation technology into existing applications

Add vertical location
to your app

NextNav makes it easy for developers to incorporate this powerful new data stream into any mobile application.

NextNav releases vertical positioning SDK on the FirstNet API Catalog

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