NextNav releases vertical positioning SDK on the FirstNet API Catalog

NextNav’s Pinnacle service for vertical location dramatically improves situational awareness for public safety in urban areas

Sunnyvale, CA – November 11, 2020 – NextNav, the leader in 3D geolocation services, today announced the availability of its software development kit (SDK) for the Pinnacle vertical positioning service on the FirstNet API Catalog – a curated catalog of public safety relevant Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and SDKs.  NextNav’s Pinnacle SDK provides applications with highly accurate altitude data for real-time 3D location in multistory buildings, enhancing first responder safety, making decision making more efficient, and improving situational awareness. 

In independent industry testing for E911 services, NextNav’s Pinnacle service has consistently delivered best in class performance of ±3m 94% of the time consistently exceeding the “floor level” metrics set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 

“NextNav’s Pinnacle service is a turning point for first responders,” said Scott Agnew, Assistant Vice President of Product Marketing, FirstNet Program at AT&T.  “Dependable vertical location has always been a major operational need for first responders.  This service will help save lives while greatly enhancing situational awareness.  By making this SDK available on the FirstNet API Catalog, we are giving the developer community a head-start to develop field-ready products and services in parallel with the network build-out.”

“We are excited to collaborate with FirstNet, built with AT&T to bring improved 3D geolocation in urban areas,” said Ganesh Pattabiraman, CEO of NextNav.  “This is a capability that has long been on the requirements list for public safety agencies.  Through this listing on the FirstNet API catalog, app developers can take advantage of our expansive coverage to provide new capabilities to first responders through FirstNet phones and other FirstNet ready devices.”

Applications can now pair standard horizontal location data with NextNav’s Pinnacle vertical location service to produce the full 3D position for a variety of use cases.  The Pinnacle SDK can output altitude data according to the requirements of an application (as frequently as once per second).  The Pinnacle SDK developer package also comes with a fully functional test evaluation application. 

NextNav’s Pinnacle service will operate in 100+ major markets and works with most popular Android and iOS devices with barometric pressure sensors.  Backed by a managed terrestrial network of altitude stations, NextNav’s Pinnacle service is designed for a wide variety of location-based applications.

FirstNet, built with AT&T – America’s public safety communications network – features the first-ever App Catalog geared to first responders, featuring more than 149 apps relevant to public safety’s mission. This gives FirstNet subscribers a dedicated location to find meaningful new solutions that have been specifically reviewed to be highly secure and reliable.

To start using the NextNav Pinnacle SDK and obtain further technical information, visit NextNav’s listing in the FirstNet API catalog or directly at the NextNav website for Android and iOS versions of the Pinnacle SDK.

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