NextNav demonstrates industry leading floor level accuracy for mobile calls in comprehensive industry tests

Independent and Blind CTIA Tests Reveal Three Meter (Floor-Level Accuracy) Achievable 94 Percent of Time With NextNav Pinnacle

NextNav, the pioneer in 3D geolocation services, today announced that its Pinnacle vertical location service delivered “floor-level” accuracy in 94 percent of test calls in recent blind industry tests commissioned by CTIA. The Stage Z Tests were designed to develop a proposed Z-axis (vertical) metric for indoor wireless 911 calls, as required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The Stage Z Tests provided a rigorous and transparent process to evaluate the ability of various technologies to accurately locate mobile 911 callers in challenging indoor environments spread across an entire Metropolitan area in the vertical dimension. The tests were conducted using popular off the shelf iOS and Android devices running a software client provided by NextNav. The tests included more than 70,000 emergency-style calls generating altitude fixes from over 200 different test locations.

“Our ability to deliver floor-level height accuracy is revolutionary and when adopted has the potential to speed up emergency response time and save lives,” said Ganesh Pattabiraman, co-founder and CEO of NextNav. “The ability to precisely locate the exact floor of a building 94 percent of the time across the most challenging indoor environments is a significant breakthrough for wireless 9-1-1 location technologies. The same technology applies to commercial location-based applications on mobile phones, IoT devices, Wearables and autonomous systems.” 

NextNav Pinnacle service for vertical location is an innovative and standards compliant (3GPP) terrestrial positioning network which enables accurate and secure 3D location of mobile wireless devices. This vertical positioning performance is unmatched by any other wide area system. With unparalleled accuracy in all three dimensions and carrier-grade reliability, NextNav delivers what GPS can’t: precise location indoors and in urban environments.