CTIA/FCC “Stage Z” Test Bed Summary

In 2018, NextNav participated in a series of operational tests performed by CTIA at the request of the FCC. The testing procedures were created and fulfilled by an independent firm, with the goal of measuring the performance of NextNav’s Pinnacle service and other vertical location solutions against FCC requirements for E911 services.

The results of the tests were clear: NextNav Pinnacle exceeds the FCC requirement for vertical location, offering accurate results within three meters 94% of the time.

The structure and content of the original report can be a little difficult to parse. Additionally, regulations and technology have progressed significantly since 2018, making some of the report’s results moot or outdated.

That’s why we’ve created a summary of the Stage Z test bed report which excerpts the NextNav-relevant portions. Where needed, we’ve added some notes and commentary to the original language so readers can understand the context around some of the findings.

In an appendix of this summary, we’ve also provided relevant results from our competitors (where available) as a point of comparison.

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