Driving a new vision for geolocation

NextNav is building the future of location services and complementary PNT powered by spectrum

Building the future of geolocation

We started NextNav with an audacious goal: build the future of geolocation.

The country’s principal positioning, navigation, & timing (PNT) system, GPS, is foundational to national security and the US economy (and powering critical infrastructure), but coverage is limited indoors and in urban canyons, and GPS is vulnerable to jamming and spoofing.

In a recent FCC filing, NextNav proposed rearranging the Lower 900 MHz band to enable its use for terrestrial positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) services, as well as mobile broadband.

A terrestrial 3D PNT complement and back up to GPS, will mitigate the risks to the country, help public safety by providing location information and situational awareness indoors and in multi-story buildings, and unleash commercial opportunities.

Our Executive Team

Leadership with historical context and future vision

NextNav’s leadership team has decades of collective experience in location services and spectrum. Our leaders are GPS and geolocation and spectrum industry veterans; we have the data scientists, mapping experts, and network engineers with the experience and perspective to deliver the technically ambitious next generation of geolocation services.

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Meet the NextNav Team

Build the <br class="u-show@largeTablet"> next generation <br class="u-show@largeTablet"> of location <br class="u-show@largeTablet"> services with us


Build the
next generation
of location
services with us

NextNav’s technology is about more than just finding spots on a map. Our technology saves lives by enabling rapid, precise emergency response and enhanced situational awareness for first responders. We’re helping deliveries get to the right place, at the right time. We’re literally adding new dimensions to geolocation—and we know that our success depends on teamwork. We are a leader in next generation positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) and 3D geolocation – all powered by spectrum.

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