Forbes: America Needs GPS Backup

NextNav was mentioned in a Forbes article by Diana Furchgott-Roth about the need for GPS backup.

From the article: “No one knows what Russia will do next, including potentially jamming America’s Global Positioning System (GPS). With Congressional passage of the omnibus spending bill for 2022 imminent, reasonable people should ask: Where is the funding in the budget to back up GPS?

America’s economy depends on GPS, a free service provided by the government. It is essential to vehicle navigation systems, general aviation, financial transactions, the electrical grid, precision agriculture, surveying, and construction. Americans use over 900 million GPS receivers

The Department [of Transportation] concluded that multiple technologies should be used to complement GPS. Signals from space, including low earth orbit satellites, combined with those from terrestrial broadcast stations, was the combination most likely to ensure Americans always have the essential GPS-like services needed to keep the economy going.

For instance, NextNav’s Metropolitan Beacon System, a 3GPP-compliant terrestrial network of long-range broadcast beacons, transmits a GPS-like signal in licensed spectrum in the sub-GHz range.”

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