App Developer Magazine: 3D geolocation capabilities for Widow Games apps

NextNav has partnered with Widow Games, a gaming development company closing the gap between the physical and the digital worlds. Through the partnership, Widow Games will bring NextNav’s 3D geolocation capabilities to their applications, enabling more immersive virtual experiences tied to the real environments of users, and leveraging location verification to validate transactions and interactions in the metaverse.

“3D geolocation technology is foundational to building the metaverse. Not only will it power in-game experiences, but it will also serve as a crucial authenticator of location-based activities, like exclusive exhibitions, NFT scavenger hunts, and virtual land transactions. 3D geolocation is critical in bringing our real and virtual worlds together, and with Widow Games, we’re one step closer to closing that gap,” said Dan Hight, VP of Business Development and Partnerships at NextNav.

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