Geospatial World: “Treading New Grounds” Annual Leaders Outlook 2023

We’re proud to be part of Geospatial World Magazine’s Annual Leaders’ Outlook for 2023 . The issue focuses on the transition of geospatial industry and its future outlook, featuring an article by NextNav CEO Ganesh Pattabiraman.

“Looking at how we prepare our infrastructure for these new innovations, now — is perhaps the most important time to ensure policy makers are educated on how PNT plays a critical role in securing infrastructure and enabling technology — both now and in the future. Further, we need to have secure, resilient, GPS alternatives that meet certain criteria for performance, but also are cost effective, easily deployable, can fit into mass market devices, and cover wide areas.”

Read the full digital edition here on Geospatial World’s site and NextNav’s featured article on page 14.