Axios: GPS for a 3D World

NextNav was featured in Axios and the Axios newsletter “What’s Next”, where CEO Ganesh Pattabiraman shared why our technology is needed to meet the needs of an ever-changing 3D world.

GPS has its limitations, given that it doesn’t work well indoors or in urban areas, and it can be spoofed and jammed. “Think of us as the blue dot that goes hand in hand with mapping,” CEO Ganesh Pattabiraman tells Axios. “Today’s blue dot comes from GPS and some Wi-Fi. But it’s not reliable enough. What we bring is a blue dot, which is based on a land-based device that transmits an encrypted GPS-like signal, which is so much stronger than GPS.”

This article highlights not only how NextNav’s technology solves some of these challenges, but that the Pinnacle service, which has already been rolled out to more than 4400 cities across the United States, provides vertical location which feeds into 3D maps. “3D maps could improve location accuracy by telling a delivery person — or emergency responder — what floor you’re on, for example, or by locating your car in a multistory garage.”

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