Inside GNSS: NextNav Enhances Emergency Response Efforts, Advances Vertical Location Intelligence with New Partnerships

Inside GNSS brings technical clarity, analysis and insight to a continually evolving, and increasingly complex, PNT marketplace. With this expertise, Renee Knight with Inside GNSS spoke to NextNav’s VP of Partnerships & Business Development, Dan Hight, on our two latest partnerships with Convey911 and RadioIP.

Through Convey911, emergency personnel can text callers in more than 135 languages, Hight said. This makes it possible to communicate with people in their language without having to staff up every dispatch center, and to do so in the way that’s most comfortable for them. With the new partnership, emergency personnel can now obtain the caller’s precise location and elevation level, making them easier to find. This also can be used for non-emergency services like 311.

Security is, of course, critical for first responders, which is why NextNav is working with RadioIP. Through the Pinnacle network, RadioIP can now provide a secure and location-intelligent network node for precise tracking without the screen presence of a mobile app. This allows for a secure channel of encrypted communication for first responders and security agencies when they need to identify vertical location of personnel—without risking the information getting into the wrong hands.”

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