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Expand beyond traditional gameplay into full immersion

With the NextNav Unreal Plug-In, unlock the full potential of 3D location and z-axis across any application created with the Unreal Engine. Discover new possibilities for augmented experiences in urban areas – leverage precise vertical location data to create a new era of personalized experiences.

The benefit of enhanced geolocation capabilities is clear: improved user experience, which leads to better brand recognition, better customer retention, lower user acquisition costs, and increased lifetime value (LTV).

Create cutting edge experiences

Be on the bleeding edge. Set your game apart from the crowded marketplace of 2D applications that rely solely on GPS locators. Vertical location adds a new world of possibilities for gamers to discover.

Differentiate your game

Differentiate your game

Epic Games has awarded NextNav an Epic MegaGrant, enabling us to bring 3D vertical location to Unreal Engine game developers . As consumer expectations rise – don’t get left behind. Level up with the NextNav Unreal Plug-In, and meet consumers at the top.

Endless possibilities, simple integration

Endless possibilities, simple integration

Seamlessly integrate the NextNav plugin into your Unreal Engine project, or explore our SDK and API options.

A bridge between the digital and physical worlds

A bridge between the digital and physical worlds

From digital twins to expanding the metaverse, vertical location is the foundation for building a comprehensive ecosystem of data and applications around the 3D world we live in.

  • 43%


    of smartphone time is used for mobile gaming

  • 71%


    of app store revenue comes from gaming

  • 56%


    of Americans use AR games more than once a month

Make the 3D world your playground

Traditional geolocation services only show movement in two dimensions, restricting your creative potential. With the NextNav Unreal Plug-In, gaming experiences are no longer limited to ground level.

Pinnacle adds z-axis data to your gaming capabilities. Now, game developers and fans alike can be fully immersed in a virtual world with no limits.

With Pinnacle, games will become more dynamic and immersive. The concept of navigating through a 3D space is something we’ve never seen.

Leandro Gonzalez
CEO of Trick Gaming

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