Mission Critical Communications: Wireless Carrier Selects NextNav to Provide 9-1-1 Axis Capabilities

NextNav entered into an agreement with a national wireless carrier to deliver vertical location for E9-1-1 using NextNav’s Pinnacle 911 solution for all its customers.

The delivery of vertical location to public-safety answering points (PSAPs) nationwide is a significant step in improving emergency response in the United States. It enables first responders to accurately locate wireless 9-1-1 callers in multistory buildings, enhancing both safety and response times, and ultimately, helping to save lives.

With NextNav’s Pinnacle 9-1-1 reaching more than 4,400 cities and towns in the United States, the implementation of this service will exceed the FCC’s Z-axis requirement for nationwide E9-1-1.

By leveraging NextNav’s Pinnacle 911 to deliver reliable and consistent Z-axis capabilities nationwide, floor-level altitude measurements will greatly enhance the ability of PSAPs to accurately identify the indoor location of wireless E9-1-1 callers. Dispatchers will be able to more precisely locate where a caller is by adding the vertical dimension alongside their horizontal location of latitude and longitude and in turn more quickly get callers the help they need.

“For over two decades, one of public safety’s key needs has been 3D geolocation information, especially floor-level vertical location,” said NextNav CEO Ganesh Pattabiraman. “Partnering with one of the nation’s largest wireless carriers to deliver precise, Z-axis information will not only improve geolocation information for PSAPs but save lives by reducing emergency response times by over 80%. This adoption of our Pinnacle technology for 9-1-1 marks a historic step forward for communities around the nation, and public safety as a whole.”

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