NextNav Pinnacle Z-Axis Technology Now Available on Hot Pepper Mobile’s Tabasco Phone

Pinnacle software provides life-saving vertical location capabilities for emergency service providers and 911 callers

MCLEAN, Va., April 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mobile phone developer Hot Pepper Mobile has debuted its Tabasco flip feature phone, bringing NextNav’s Pinnacle vertical location technology to new customers nationwide. This development builds off of Hot Pepper Mobile’s agreement with NextNav, announced in 2022, that allows for Pinnacle’s use on Hot Pepper devices across major wireless carriers – enabling 3D z-axis geolocation capabilities, which are increasingly critical for 911 emergency services, search and rescue, and lone worker safety, to affordable and accessible consumer phones.

Traditional 2D GPS services can be insufficient or ineffective – particularly in dense, urban areas – which can lead to delays in time-sensitive emergency situations. NextNav Pinnacle leads the industry in providing precise, highly secure vertical location data – in independent tests conducted by CTIA to measure z-axis capabilities, Pinnacle delivered “floor-level” accuracy in 94 percent of test calls, a level unrivaled by any other available technology. In 2021, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) also issued a mandate requiring all wireless carriers deploy these capabilities across the country to ensure accurate, floor-level vertical location data on 911 callers.

“We are proud that our work with Hot Pepper Mobile has grown to bring 3D z-axis technology to its newest device and to a broader group of consumers,” said Ambroise Popper, VP and General Manager of NextNav. “Bringing Pinnacle to Hot Pepper’s affordable and accessible Tabasco phone is a major step to expand access to life-saving vertical location technology and help address public safety needs.”

“We are thrilled that Hot Pepper’s Tabasco phone is enabled with z-axis technology, alongside easy-to-use interfaces for the right mobile experience for our customers,” said Owen Zhang, VP of Sales and Marketing at Hot Pepper. “Hot Pepper is proud to work with a company like NextNav that is leading the industry in tackling geolocation challenges, and we look forward to our continued collaboration.”

The Pinnacle network delivers precise vertical location in 4,400 cities and towns – covering more than 90% of buildings greater than three stories in the United States. NextNav Pinnacle also powers applications across the public safety community to support stronger situational awareness for first responders.

The Pinnacle-equipped Tabasco phone is now available in stores and online. The NextNav Pinnacle z-axis technology is also now available across multiple tier one carriers.

Source: NN-FIN

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NextNav Inc. (NASDAQ: NN) is a leader in next generation GPS, enabling a whole new ecosystem of applications and services that rely upon vertical location and resilient geolocation technology. The company’s Pinnacle network delivers highly accurate vertical positioning to transform location services, reflecting the 3D world around us and supporting innovative, new capabilities. NextNav’s TerraPoiNT network delivers accurate, reliable, and resilient 3D positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) services to support critical infrastructure and other GPS-reliant systems in the absence or failure of GPS.

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