NextNav, Valor Systems Partner to Bring Vertical Location Capabilities to Public Safety Agencies Nationwide

Partnership will empower decision making and safety of agency clients tracking threats and emergency responses in urban and high-risk environments

MCLEAN, Va., Aug. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NextNav, a leader in next generation GPS, has partnered with Valor Systems (Valor), an industry leader in public safety and security software applications, to provide z-axis vertical location capabilities to first responders, public safety agencies, and corporate security clients. By leveraging NextNav’s Pinnacle network, Valor’s Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) products and mobile suite of software solutions will now provide critical vertical location data needed to precisely pinpoint the location of threats or civilians in distress during an emergency.

With clients across North America, Europe and Asia, Valor provides a highly scalable, multi-stakeholder solution to help command centers and investigators increase situational awareness and synchronize response efforts. Through the integration of NextNav’s Pinnacle service, first responders and security agencies using the Valor suite of solutions will gain a 3D visualization of emergencies as they unfold, reducing response times and enhancing overall safety.

This actionable location data is especially critical in dense urban environments, where traditional 2D location capabilities can be insufficient and location precision is a “must-have” for crisis responders and security personnel.

“Valor was founded to serve the unique needs of both public and private safety entities and has maintained this commitment to its core for over 28 years”, says Bill Rendina, CEO of Valor Systems. “With NextNav’s precision z-axis managed location service, Valor clients will now be able to have an enterprise-wide common operating view of resources above or below ground level that is secure, encrypted and commensurate with the safety and security operations they require. Through the Valor platform, these clients will not only know where their resources are in dense urban environments but be empowered to make real-time command decisions via location intelligence relative to the hazard, threat or incident as it unfolds.”

“Today’s environment presents newfound challenges to all agencies tasked with serving and protecting our nation. All responders require the utmost in protection and safety, and NextNav’s Pinnacle z-axis service ensures that the agencies Valor serves are securely located throughout their respective missions in real time,” said Dan Hight, VP of Business Development. “Through the Pinnacle network service, Valor’s customers will have refined intelligence and in-building location of all personnel, a critical factor in today’s era where multi-agency, multi-discipline mobilization and/or threat modeling is required. Public safety is a core tenet of NextNav’s DNA and this partnership expands upon our growing ecosystem of geo-powered vertical location service providers who are trusted to provide the highest degree of situational awareness and force protection.”

The Pinnacle network delivers precise vertical location in 4,400 cities and towns – capturing 90% of buildings greater than three stories – in the United States. NextNav’s Pinnacle powers applications across the public safety community to support stronger situational awareness for first responders. Earlier this year, a tier-one wireless carrier selected NextNav Pinnacle to bring z-axis capabilities to wireless 9-1-1 phone calls to enhance caller geolocation and emergency response outcomes.

Source: NN-FIN

About Valor Systems

Since 1994, Valor Systems has provided public safety and security software applications to help local, state and federal agencies, the US Military, healthcare, research labs, transportation, manufacturing, and global corporations improve emergency response and increase first responder support. Valor offers CAD, RMS, Mobile and citizen reporting applications that can work independently and/or collectively in concert as one unified platform based on a client’s budget, operational needs, and installation timeframe. Our systems can be installed locally on a customer’s computer network or accessed as a Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted on CJIS compliant, secured “cloud” network. Also, when needed, Valor’s public safety modular suite can also connect students, faculty, staff, citizens, customers and/or employees into one integrated communication ecosystem to allow for real-time emergency reporting into the command center.

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About NextNav

NextNav Inc. (Nasdaq: NN) is a leader in next generation GPS, enabling a whole new ecosystem of applications and services that rely upon vertical location and resilient geolocation technology. The company’s Pinnacle network delivers highly accurate vertical positioning to transform location services, reflecting the 3D world around us and supporting innovative, new capabilities. NextNav’s TerraPoiNT network delivers accurate, reliable, and resilient 3D positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) services to support critical infrastructure and other GPS-reliant systems in the absence or failure of GPS.

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