Firehouse Magazine: 9-1-1 Advances

Firehouse Magazine covered our two most recent public safety partners, Convey911 and RadioIP, and what this means for 9-1-1 emergency services.

“NextNav, which develops 3D geolocation and GPS backup technology, partnered with Convey911. The latter allows emergency personnel to connect with emergency callers via text and multimedia messaging. The partnership means that Convey911 now is capable of providing first responders with an emergency caller’s precise location data, including that individual’s elevation level. The two companies say that practical applications range from identifying rescues from a specific floor of a skyscraper to helping find lost hikers.

NextNav also partnered with virtual private network (VPN) provider RadioIP. The two companies say that bringing NextNav’s vertical positioning capabilities to RadioIP’s platform allows a secure channel of encrypted communication for first responders that must identify the vertical location of personnel or callers without exposing that information.”

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