Geospatial World Magazine: Towards a better tomorrow

NextNav’s CEO Ganesh Pattabiraman was featured in the latest edition of Geospatial World Magazine, “Towards a Better Tomorrow” with his article titled, “GPS and 3D Location are the Backbone of our Infrastructure”. The article covers how essential GPS and 3D data is to the world’s infrastructure, including telecommunications, autonomous navigation, electrical infrastructure, air traffic control, and more.

“We are seeing rapid adoption of Z-axis. The industry as a whole needs to think about the end user experience, because customers don’t just exist in the X and Y…GPS is extremely vulnerable to disruptions, spoofing, and jamming which presents a national security risk. NextNav’s TerraPoint service exists to provide a resilient layer to existing GPS systems through enhancement and supplementation in particularly dense urban areas.”

Read the latest edition and Ganesh’s full article on page 70 here.