Geospatial World: NextNav Buys French Geolocation Company Nestwave

Geospatial World covered our recent acquisition of Nestwave on October 31st. Nestwave SAS is a French company which works in the area of providing advanced geolocation solutions to Internet of Things modem and digital signal processor vendors and end IoT users. The acquisition, announced on Wednesday (November 2), was closed for an enterprise value of USD 18.0 million, with a gross consideration value of USD 19.3 million.

“ ‘We can have a full TerraPoiNT deployment and a resilient PNT solution in the United States with far less capital expenditures for deployment than initially planned, and we will also accelerate the rollout of TerraPoiNT both nationwide and internationally,’ Gillian Smith, NextNav’s Vice President of Marketing, told Geospatial World.

Once deployed, NextNav can then leverage TerraPoiNT to provide timing for critical infrastructure, aviation, automotive, and other mass market applications. ‘By leveraging existing terrestrial LTE/5G carrier signals, we will accelerate access to the LTE/5G handset and device ecosystem across all products and target markets. All in all, these efforts will allow us to bring a resilient PNT system to market faster, which we believe is essential to what we see as a rapidly emerging opportunity for the TerraPoiNT system in the United States and beyond,’ she added.”

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