GPS World: Public-sector provider partners with NextNav for vertical location

Tracy Cozzens of GPS World recently covered our new partnership with CentralSquare to integrate z-axis vertical location capabilities into its computer-aided dispatch products and mobile suite of public safety software solutions. The article recaps our announcement and includes insights from both the team at CentralSquare and our CEO, Ganesh Pattabiraman.

Pattabiraman said, “Expanding access to the life-saving z-axis capabilities our Pinnacle network provides is a top priority for us. Partnering with CentralSquare allows us to use this technology to positively impact the lives of the majority of public safety workers in the United States. CentralSquare is the largest provider for dispatch solutions signed to our ecosystem to date, bringing actionable floor-level insights to a vast number of individuals and scenarios. We’re growing our user base significantly, and along with it bolstering public safety and saving lives.”

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