GPS World: Launchpad- New receivers, GIS platform and delivery UAV

In the recent issue of GPS World magazine, Maddie Saines wrote a roundup of products in the GNSS and inertial positioning industry, including a feature on NextNav Pinnacle.

“Pinnacle delivers precise, floor-level, vertical positioning for geolocation applications. It offers altitude measurements that meet the Federal Communications Commission mandate of 3 m accuracy. Pinnacle works with existing barometric pressure sensors in devices to improve quality and accuracy. Pinnacle technology provides z-axis data and has been demonstrated in independent testing to deliver 94% accuracy. Pinnacle data is derived from a proprietary network built for public safety, operated and maintained by NextNav, for wide availability. SDK, API, and Unity plug-in options make it easy to integrate 3D geolocation technology into existing applications.

The device also offers consistent vertical location abilities available throughout large urban areas. Pinnacle is available across the United States, is currently being deployed across Japan, and is being tested in France for local emergency response agencies.”

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