GPS World: Geolocation companies consolidate as NextNav acquires Nestwave

Tracy Cozzens of GPS World covered our recent acquisition of Nestwave,  a privately held company specializing in low-power geolocation. The combination of NextNav’s technology with Nestwave’s LTE/5G capabilities will allow NextNav to intelligently combine signals from existing terrestrial LTE/5G networks with its own highly synchronized TerraPoiNT system to deliver near nationwide resilient 3D position, navigation and timing (PNT) capabilities that contribute to dramatically lower deployment costs.

The company serves markets including timing for critical infrastructure, aviation, automotive, IoT and other mass market applications sooner.

‘The acquisition of Nestwave presents a unique opportunity for NextNav to optimize further the use of its existing spectrum bandwidth, while contributing to a drastic decrease of our TerraPoiNT system’s future capital and operating expenditures,’ said Ganesh Pattabiraman, NextNav co-founder and CEO.

‘By leveraging Nestwave’s unique technology and ambient LTE/5G waveform, NextNav can gain significant spectral efficiency, accelerate the availability of resilient PNT and release the underlying spectrum’s capacity for additional data-oriented services. An LTE/5G waveform also enables broader penetration of NextNav’s applications and technology across the handset and device ecosystem for all of its products and target markets,’ Pattabiraman said.”

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