Inside GNSS: CentralSquare Partners with NextNav to Provide Vertical Location Data to Public Safety Agencies

Inside GNSS covered our recent big news that we’re integrating into CentralSquare’s Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) products and mobile suite of Public Safety software solutions, with the goal of reducing emergency response times and increasing dispatcher safety.

“CentralSquare works with more than 75% of public safety agencies nationwide, including first responders, law enforcement, fire departments and EMS, and local governments.

‘Together with NextNav, we’re helping public safety agencies meet the needs of today’s dynamic world, particularly in densely populated urban cities,” CentralSquare CEO David Zolet said, according to the release. “Adding z-axis enables our systems to not only derive location (x-axis and y-axis) but height (z-axis). This capability is the next logical step, decreasing emergency response times and ultimately helping to protect our communities and those that serve them.’

CentralSquare will provide z-axis visualization in a 3-dimensional view. Field trials of the technology will begin toward the end of summer with an initial rollout planned for the fall.”

Read the full coverage on on how together we’re bringing actionable floor-level insights to a vast number of individuals and scenarios.