Inside Unmanned Systems – Digitizing Transit:  From Design to Service Provision

Peter Gutierrez from “Inside Unmanned Systems” wrote an article on high-quality digital tools for 3D geolocation, and how they are helping to unlock the full potential of next-generation transit systems, enabling increased efficiency in all phases of action while improving safety and the end-user experience. He spoke to Dan Hight, VP of Partnerships & Business Development on our Pinnacle solution and some of the wider challenges for transit.

““Pinnacle, which is our service for vertical location, covers over 4,400 cities and towns, as well as 90% of buildings greater than three stories in the United States. The vertical location capabilities we provide continue to be integrated into applications across verticals and will ultimately become critical for consumer services, including navigation, ride-sharing, delivery and in-store pickup for a number of industries. We’re excited to continue to bring these capabilities to mass-consumer devices and support more efficient products and services aimed at transit, retail and hospitality operators, among others.”

Read the rest of the article featuring Hight, as well as other industry experts leading the way in next-generation transit systems.