Press Release Summary: Japan’s First High-Precision 3D Positioning Service Enhances Building Management Efficiency

Tokyo Tatemono, in collaboration with MetCom, has successfully conducted extensive testing to determine the location of a building’s administration manager in three dimensions using high-precision 3D positioning technology. By combining the indoor positioning capabilities of the NextNav Pinnacle service operated by MetCom with Tokyo Tatemono’s smart building management system, the testing achieved an impressive level of accuracy within a 1-meter error margin. This breakthrough enables real-time tracking of the building administrator’s position within the building, revolutionizing building management operations and enhancing efficiency.

The Tokyo Tatemono Nihonbashi Building, equipped with the smart building management system called “Dynamic Building Matrix” (DBM), has been utilized as the testing ground for this demonstration. The DBM system monitors and manages various aspects of building operations by converting relevant data into cloud-managed information. Through the integration of DBM and MetCom’s 3D positioning information, the aim is to improve the efficiency of inspection work and streamline other building management tasks.

The technology behind the achievement is NextNav’s Pinnacle service operated by MetCom, which provides highly accurate vertical positioning both indoors and outdoors. By comparing pressure sensor information from the smartphone or IoT device with reference point pressure data, Pinnacle can accurately determine the altitude with a precision of 2-3 meters.

During the tests conducted in the Tokyo Tatemono Nihonbashi Building, a smartphone application developed specifically for high-precision 3D positioning combined horizontal and vertical positioning. Additionally, Wi-Fi access points were installed throughout the building to facilitate positioning accuracy. The real-time 3D positional information was then visualized and displayed within the DBM system, providing an overview of the manager’s location within the building.

The successful results showed that the positional accuracy between the actual location of the manager and the location displayed by the smartphone app and DBM was within 1-meter. This achievement opens up possibilities for improved response times, efficient inspection work, and the optimization of patrol routes through the use of accumulated records.

In the future, MetCom plans to install wireless base stations throughout the town, enabling high-precision 3D location information to be obtained without the need for additional infrastructure within the buildings.

This groundbreaking demonstration paves the way for advanced building management operations, contributing to the development of a safe, secure, and highly efficient urban environment in Japan. Tokyo Tatemono and MetCom are pioneering the use of 3D location information in building management, marking a significant advancement in the industry.

Note: This summary is based on the press release from Tokyo Tatemono and MetCom , highlighting their successful demonstration of high-precision 3D positioning for building management purposes.