Lifewire: New 911 System Could Get You Help Faster

Sascha Brodsky of Lifewire recently wrote a piece, on how rescuers will soon be able to pinpoint your whereabouts in an emergency more quickly, thanks to a new location-based routing system for mobile phones. In the article he spoke to several industry experts, including our own Dan Hight, VP of Business Development & Partnerships at NextNav.

Most carriers currently route 911 calls based on cell tower location. But Dan Hight, the vice president of business development and partnerships of the navigation company NextNav, told Lifewire via email that the current method “can be very coarse,” and calls often get routed to the wrong Public Safety Access Point (PSAP). “This new system allows for routing based on the x/y location of the 911 call when it is placed, rather than the cell tower location, and results in the caller being potentially routed to a closer PSAP,” he added.

Read the full article on Lifewire here.