MissionCritical Communications: NextNav, GeoComm Partner to Improve Indoor Mapping for 9-1-1

MissionCritical Communications covered our recent partnership with GeoComm, to improve indoor mapping for 9-1-1.

“Recent regulatory requirements from the FCC require the 9-1-1 caller’s vertical location to be determined with +/- 3-meter accuracy 80% of the time. NextNav’s solution far exceeds that requirement, delivering +/- 3 meters 94% of the time, according to independent tests. Using local geographic information system (GIS) data and building information, GeoComm systems can convert raw positioning measurements received from wireless carriers into dispatchable locations including, but not limited to, building name, street address and sub-address elements such as floor and room number. Improved accuracy in locations empowers emergency responders to locate 9-1-1 callers inside buildings faster, saving more lives and protecting more property.”

Read the full article on the MissionCritical Communications site.