Mission Critical Communications: RapidDeploy, NexNav Partner on Z-Axis Location

Mission Critical Communications covered our big announcement with RapidDeploy and the importance of reducing response times.

As a trusted provider of mission-critical-grade data and location services, RapidDeploy is driving innovation to ensure public safety can leverage the latest technology to provide full situational awareness. NextNav’s Z-axis solution provides RapidDeploy invaluable location data to drive innovation for the delivery of z-axis data to public safety in urban areas where in-building location tracking has been nearly impossible in the past.

‘We truly see this as a game changer for public safety and are excited to collaborate with NextNav going forward, maintaining our commitment of innovation and excellence of service to the industry,” said Todd Komanetsky, vice president (VP) of partnership strategy at RapidDeploy.‘”

Z-axis, or height above ground, has been a notable challenge for Public Safety. RapidDeploy and NextNav are thrilled to come together take on this challenge and solve this problem for 911 Specialists and Telecommunicators nationwide. Read the full article here.