NextNav Presents Pinnacle Technology at the 5×5 Public Safety Innovation Summit

NextNav had the opportunity to showcase our groundbreaking Pinnacle technology at the 5×5 Public Safety Innovation Summit, hosted by the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet). This event holds special significance for us as the FirstNet Authority has been a champion of vertical location, and FirstNet powered by AT&T was our very first partner in the public safety space. Together, we are driving advancements to empower emergency responders and enhance public safety operations.

During the summit, we demonstrated the capabilities of our Pinnacle z-axis technology. Traditionally, location services have primarily focused on horizontal positioning, leaving vertical accuracy as a challenge, especially in complex urban landscapes and multi-story buildings. However, Pinnacle technology addresses this issue head-on by delivering precise vertical location positioning data. This means that first responders can not only determine the exact floor of an incident, but also gain a comprehensive understanding of their surroundings, leading to enhanced situational awareness and better decision-making.

The 5×5 Public Safety Innovation Summit served as a fantastic venue for us to share our vision and demonstrate the capabilities of Pinnacle vertical location technology. We are proud to have the FirstNet Authority as our valued partner, as their commitment to supporting first responders with the most innovative technology aligns perfectly with our mission of revolutionizing public safety operations through advanced location services.