Urgent Communications: NextNav partners with Bosch to test barometric sensors for Z-axis vertical location

NextNav this week announced a partnership with sensor manufacturer Bosch Sensortec, which will subject its barometric-pressure sensors to the NextNav certification program that is designed to enhance the accuracy and performance of its Z-axis vertical-location offerings for a variety of use cases.

Dan Hight, NextNav’s vice president of business development and partnerships, said that Bosch is the second barometric-pressure sensor provider-after TDK-to agree to participate in the NextNav Certified program that was launched last year with TDK. Through testing with NextNav, sensor manufacturers can learn to optimize product to deliver the most accurate vertical readings with as little degradation, or drift, as possible as the sensor age.

“The fact that Bosch has wanted to improve their baro [barometric] sensors, so they have less drift and get certified within the NextNav service sends signals to the market that this is an important functionality, and increasingly, Z-axis is going to be an important capability—not just for public safety but for a lot of other areas of opportunity,” Hight said during an interview with IWCE’s Urgent Communications.

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