NextNav Rolls Out Vertical Location Services to 4,400 Cities Across the US, Exceeding FCC’s Z-Axis Coverage Requirements Ahead of Schedule

Coverage reaches over 90% of buildings three stories and above

NextNav, the leader in 3D geolocation, today announced that its Pinnacle service for vertical positioning is available in 4,400 cities (representing the top 105 Cellular Market Areas) across the United States, exceeding the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) coverage requirements for E911 ahead of the April 1 deadline. 

NextNav’s highly accurate altitude data is a significant breakthrough in geolocation technology, elevating legacy 2D solutions to reflect the 3D world we live in. Last month, NextNav announced a partnership with FirstNet, Built with AT&T to provide critical vertical location services for first responders. This long-awaited service enables first responders to safely and efficiently respond to emergency scenarios in multi-story buildings. In addition, Pinnacle opens up new urban markets for location apps and unlocks an entirely new ecosystem of 3D geolocation products.

Since its last coverage announcement in November 2020, NextNav brought its Pinnacle service online in major cities such as Chicago, Boston, Washington DC and Los Angeles, providing vertical location services for over 90% of buildings with three or more stories. In addition, NextNav has achieved coverage across New York City, overcoming significant infrastructural challenges to deliver more precise location services to the most densely populated urban area in the US. 

NextNav’s location technology consistently delivers the highest quality vertical service of ±3m 94% of the time consistently exceeding the ±3m 80% of the time metric set by the FCC.NextNav’s software development kit (SDK) and Unity Plug-In makes it easy to integrate 3D location into any application. For a free trial of the  NextNav Pinnacle service and to obtain further technical information, visit our developer key request form.

See NextNav’s service area on our Pinnacle coverage map.