NextNav Introduces Unity Plug-In, Unlocking Vertical Positioning Services for Millions of Developers

Leader in geolocation services allows developers to build 3D experiences with a single line of code

SUNNYVALE, CA — December 2, 2020 — NextNav, the leader in 3D geolocation services, today announced the release of a Unity plug-in for its vertical positioning service, Pinnacle, which delivers precise altitude data to unlock 3D experiences for location apps. NextNav’s Unity plug-in makes it easy for developers to integrate vertical location into any application built with the Unity engine, including geolocation games, training applications, industrial and manufacturing apps and beyond.

To date, location-based applications have been limited to open spaces or one story buildings where a simple X and Y-axis location will suffice. Yet approximately 84% of the US population lives in urban areas where multistory buildings make up most of the landscape. Pinnacle introduces altitude awareness through vertical positioning data, enabling developers to create experiences for densely populated areas and multistory buildings.

“Vertical location expands the sense of adventure—something that’s currently missing from games because we’re constrained to ground level experiences,” said Leandro Gonzalez, CEO of Trick Gaming. “With Pinnacle, games will become more dynamic and immersive. The concept of navigating through a 3D space is something we’ve never seen. Since I started working with vertical location, my mind has been in constant motion. This is an exciting technology and once the gaming community starts adopting it, we’re going to see an outpouring of creativity and new experiences.”

NextNav’s Unity plug-in makes it easy to interface, initialize and calibrate vertical location services on the backend. With a single line of code, the Unity plug-in allows developers to benefit from vertical functionality without any technical troubleshooting. That means developers can focus on what matters most: creating meaningful content and experiences.

“Vertical location services with ‘floor level’ accuracy will open up new opportunities for developers, especially those in the crowded, yet lucrative, gaming marketplace,” said Ganesh Pattabiraman, CEO of NextNav. “Pinnacle allows developers to create 3D experiences for the first time ever. We’re excited to bring this new capability to the millions of developers in the Unity community.”

NextNav will showcase its Unity plug-in at the upcoming Global Game Jam in January, where developers from around the world come together to compete and create cutting edge gaming experiences. NextNav will host a webinar on Tuesday, December 15 at 10amPST/1pmEST in partnership with the Global Game Jam to introduce Pinnacle to the developer community.

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