RCR Wireless: Four notable developments in indoor location during 2021

Reflecting on the year, RCR recently wrote an article on notable developments in indoor location this year. “It was also a big year for NextNav, which went public in a combination with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) in a transaction that valued the company at more than a billion dollars. NextNav operates a 3D geolocation service called Pinnacle that it says is available more in the 4,400 cities and towns in the U.S.; it has its own network, called TerraPoiNT, to provide radio positioning and timing information, which has initial deployments in 47 urban centers, according to the company. NextNav also holds nationwide 900 MHz spectrum licenses and a global IP portfolio on the enabling tech.

NextNav followed up its go-public with a recently announced partnership with Bosch Sensortec, in which Bosch’s barometric pressure sensors will go through a NextNav certification program to certify their ability and accuracy in providing vertical location information for consumer electronics, for a range of use cases. NextNav launched its certification program this year.” Read the full article here.