VentureBeat: NextNav adds vertical location to Atlas: Earth mobile game

Dean Takahashi of VentureBeat wrote an article on NextNav’s recent announcement with Atlas: Earth on adding vertical location to their mobile game.

“Atlas: Earth will leverage the 3D data for real-estate gameplay. If you think of Monopoly, it’s similar but only that the virtual buildings are overlaid on the real world. So players can buy the top floor of a luxury condo or something like that. In games like Atlas: Earth, players will be able to spend real money to buy virtual property, and NextNav will verify the location of that virtual property.

Atlas: Earth will deliver a gaming experience built around the real environments of users, especially in densely populated areas and multistory buildings, marking the first time the vertical dimension will power gaming functionality.

Atlas: Earth launches October 18, and it is now available for “preregistration.” It will allow users to purchase virtual parcels of real estate that, when owned, operate as digital properties tethered to real locations. Within the game, Pinnacle will deliver precise vertical location intelligence, enabling users to record visits to locations such as the top floor of the Empire State Building or the Skygarden in the San Francisco Federal Building. Players could even rent space in somebody’s virtual building.”

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