ZDNet: The tech that lets 911 operators know what floor you’re calling from

Author Greg Nichols of ZDNet recently covered our announcement with GeoComm and how terrestrial GPS is making its way into emergency services, cutting response times.

“More than 80% of Americans live in cities, and many reside in multistory buildings. That makes tracking 911 callers by floor number critical in limiting emergency services response times. 

Next gen GPS is becoming a crucial link in the chain of response, and a new partnership between a terrestrial GPS developer and a location services provider points the way to how this technology is being utilized by emergency services.

It all starts with strict regulation. The FCC recently issued requirements that a 911 caller’s vertical location must be determined within 3m accuracy at least 80% of the time. Geographic Information System (GIS) data is becoming increasingly robust via wireless communications, but positioning measurements still introduce significant errors.”

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