NextNav Shines at Critical Communications World: A Global Showcase of Technologies

Last week, the highly anticipated Critical Communications World (CCW) took place, bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and professionals from across the globe to discuss and exhibit the latest advancements in critical communications. Among the distinguished exhibitors, NextNav was able to showcase its revolutionary z-axis vertical location technology and 3D visualization. As a truly global event, CCW provided an incredible platform for NextNav to connect with professionals from diverse backgrounds and demonstrate the remarkable potential of our innovative solutions.

One of the most rewarding aspects of CCW was the opportunity to meet individuals from around the world who share a passion for advancing critical communications. From industry experts to government officials, a diverse range of professionals expressed their interest in understanding how NextNav’s solutions could transform critical communications in their various sectors.

NextNav’s presence at CCW would not have been complete without demonstrations of its innovative Pinnacle z-axis technology. Attendees stopped by to witness firsthand the potential of NextNav’s solutions and experience a full 3D view. In addition, our VP & GM, Ambroise Popper, spoke in a Focus Forum titled, “PNT ( Position Navigation Timing), GNSS denied environments & 3D location: why is this topic mission critical?” As a part of the panel, Popper discussed the impact a GNSS outage or disruption could have on critical infrastructure and how NextNav’s terrestrial-based system, TerraPoiNT, acts as a resilient PNT layer to GNSS.

Thousands of exhibitors and speakers at CCW showcased how new innovations in critical communications technology, including NextNav Pinnacle, can drastically improve critical operations, situational awareness, and beyond.