Get Started

Add the plugin to your project under the “Plugins” folder.

The NextNav plugin must be in Project/Plugins/NextNavPlugin to work

Now you can open the project and enable the plugin on Edit/Plugins from unreal editor:

Interact with the SDK

We create a blueprint to call the SDKManager which has the c++ methods. You can see it in the example map; this will work for Android and iOS.

You need first to complete the Android or iOS steps before start calling the methods otherwise it will not work.


Here’s the list of Methods available through the NextNavInterface:

void Init()This will Initialize the plugin
string StartAltitudeCalculationOnce()Get altitude data only once (Only Android)
string StartAltitudeCalculationEachSecond()Get altitude data every second
string StartAltitudeCalculationEvery30Second()Get altitude data every 30 seconds
string StartAltitudeCalculationEvery60Second()Get altitude data every 60 seconds (Only Android)
void StopAltitudeCalculation()Stop the current altitude calculation
void ShowCalibrationUI()Launch the calibration screens
void Stop()Turns off the plugin
void SetApiKey(FString key)This method is to set the sdk api key
void RequestPermission()Request permissions in android context
void GetSDKStatus()Get the status of the sdk
void GetSDKHeight()Get the height after calling StartAltitudeCalculation

Setting the Developer Key

Once you have acquired a Developer Key, just add it in the field in your blueprint: if you are in the demo scene you will have the example blueprint:

You need to do this before calling the Init method, otherwise the SDK will fail to initialize.