The NextNav Pinnacle SDK provides a set of convenient interfaces to access highly accurate vertical positioning data for mobile applications. The Pinnacle SDK generates industry-leading accuracy for vertical positoning data (also called z-axis data) using barometric pressure and 2D location information from a device, then optimizing the positioning data with NextNav’s Pinnacle Altitude Service Network. NextNav has deployed the Pinnacle commercial service nationwide in the US, enabling FCC-compliant vertical accuracy in over 4,400 cities and towns addressing over 90% of buildings more than 3 floors high. The NextNav Pinnacle Service coverage area can be viewed at

The SDK supports two modes of operation:

  1. Auto mode – In this mode, the App delegates most tasks involved in altitude generation to the SDK. For example, the SDK automatically performs the tasks for collecting pressure and location data needed for altitude generation
  2. Directed mode – In this mode, the App directs the SDK’s operations in generating altitude. For example, the App provides the location and pressure information to the SDK and the SDK then generates the altitude


This document includes detailed description of the SDK interfaces, functionality, and code snippet to support the application integration process. This guide is meant for Android application developers who are developing an application with the NextNav Pinnacle Android SDK to add vertical location information to the App’s functions.

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