Use of NextNav Pinnacle SDK and the Pinnacle service requires developers, and their end-users to consent to the Pinnacle Service terms of use and privacy policy along with applicable trial, evaluation, or commercial agreements.

An SDK KEY (based on the type of agreement) is required to be used with the SDK to access the Pinnacle Service. The SDK KEY (as listed in the terms of service and agreements) is tied to a unique App based on its App-ID/Bundle-ID.  An SDK KEY should not be used across multiple App-ID/Bundle-ID.

SDK KEY requests can be made via NextNav Developer Portal account page. Access the NextNav Developer Portal here: https://partner.nextnav.com

NOTE: A new evaluation or commercial key is required for v2.x Pinnacle SDK, the previously released keys for v1.x Pinnacle SDK are not compatible with v2.x Pinnacle SDK.

Supported Android OS Versions

Android 8 and above

Target Android SDK Version

Android SDK v31 and earlier

SDK Components

The SDK consists of the following main components to allow developers easy access to NextNav Pinnacle vertical positioning data and other features:


SDK configuration and initialization, manage altitude calculations.


Used to receive error messages which indicate the status of Pinnacle SDK.


Used to receive calculated vertical positioning data and other error messages.